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Overview of the service:

M-Pay (top-up) service was introduced to enable the mobile operators and prepaid mobile customers to recharge their phone limit without the need of a voucher. A customer can send a few short messages to the service operator to extend their mobile limit. The top-up service operator will integrate with KNET to process the financial payment transaction and with the mobile operators to recharge the mobile account upon the Bank’s transaction approval.

Service Setup

The top-up platform will integrate with KNET system and the mobile operators to capture and process financial Top-up transactions. Prior to using the service, the customer must go through a registration process wherein the customer will fill a registration form to link their bank card number to their mobile phone number. The registration data will be stored in the Top-up service operation system database. A new service PIN number will be issued by the Top-up service operator for the customer. Upon approval of the registration form by the Issuer bank, the service will be enabled for the customer for future use. The registration can be done at the mobile operators outlet or their distributors or the banks’ branches.

The Top-up transaction will be as follows :
  • Customer selects the Top-up service and the amount desired from his /her mobile.
  • Customer will be prompted to enter the Top-up service PIN number.
  • The Top-up platform will authenticate the PIN number upon successful PIN entry.
  • The Top-up platform will build a financial transaction to KNET’s network from the account registered data.
  • KNET will forward transactions to the Issuer bank for authorization. KNET will forward the bank’s response back to the Top-up platform.
  • Upon successful approved response, the Top-up platform will forward a message to the mobile operator to credit the mobile account.