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Al-Amil Account Service

Overview of the service:

In Keeping with the law that every working person in Kuwait should have a salary account, the Al-Amil account was designed especially for those workers whose salary is less than KD 100.This account should be opened by the employer for his/her employees. Upon opening the account, the bank will issue an ATM card with a PIN number, both of which will be handed over to the account holder.

All Knet ATMs accept Al-Amil Cards and it is the responsibility of Knet to monitor the usage and activity of these ATMs as far as Al-Amil cardholders’ usage.

Knet has provided the banks with brochures, to be given to Al-Amil cardholders with their ATM cards. These brochures give a detailed photographic description of how to use Knet ATMs in 7 different languages.

Knet designs, orders, and supplies the banks with plastic cards to be personalized by the bank for this account.

Service Setup: 

When an Al-Amil card is being used in a Knet ATM, a separate set of screens specially designed will appear for this account. The only unique function of these screens is the “Maximum Amount” option, where upon selection of this function, Knet will send a balance enquiry request to the Issuer bank. A second screen will then be displayed showing the  Al-Amil cardholder’s account balance and the maximum amount that can be withdrawn, based on the KD denominations in the ATM which are usually multiples of KD 5/- in Knet ATMs.

Al-Amil ATM cards will also be accepted in Knet POS network. These cards will be treated as other banks’ local ATM cards. However, they will not be accepted in the GCCNET network.