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About ATMs

The ATM is an unattended Automated Teller Machine, which is operated by cardholders to withdraw cash and to perform other financial services.

The ATM can be installed in a Co-operative Society, Commercial Complex, Gas Station or Residential area.

The ATM will provide its customers with cash withdrawal and balance inquiry.

Various cardholders who can use Knet ATMs are:
  • Knet Cards - All Local Banks cardholders
  • GCC Network
  • Visa
  • Master Cards
  • American Express
There are 3 type of Knet ATMs:
  • Lobby ATMs, which are installed in malls, Coops…. etc
  • Thru The Wall ATMs, which are fixed to the wall, and installed in malls, Coops…. etc
  • Drive thru ATMs which you can withdraw cash while you are in your car. You can find these ATMs in gas stations
Guidelines on how to use Knet ATMs:
  • Insert your card
  • Insert your PIN number
  • Select Language
  • Select Amount
  • Retrieve your Card
  • Take your Cash and receipt