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Helpful Hints
CM2 Helpful Hints

Knet sale transaction

READY The display shows READY. If not, press CLEAR
PRESS SALE Swipe the customer's card in the card reader from the top to bottom with the magnetic stripe facing left
ENTER AMOUNT Enter the amount e.g. for KD 10.525 press 10525, for KD 5 press 5000
ENTER AMOUNT SALE 10.525 E/CSH? Check the amount. If correct press ENTER if incorrect, press CLEAR once to delete the last digit, or twice to delete the whole amount. Re-enter the amount
CUSTOMER PIN Ask the card holder to confirm the amount and to enter his PIN
KNET connection made This confirms that the call has connected to the authorization center
KNET Printing the receipt
APPROVED The transaction is complete. Tear of the customer's copy of the receipt and hand it with the card to the card holder.
DECLINED The transaction is not authorized. Give a copy of the receipt with the card to the cardholder
BANK UNAVAILABLE Bank is not available at the moment, try again later
PLEASE TRY AGAIN Redo the transaction
CALL FAILED There is a problem with the telephone line, try again
In all KNET card transactions, the customers should not be requested to sign on the receipt
NOTE: If the terminal consistently fails to read a customer's card, the transaction cannot proceed. An alternative method of payment should be requested and the customer advised to contact his bank and have the card checked. Should the terminal continously fail to successfully read all cards contact the KNET service help desk.