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How to do reconciliation


What is reconciliation?

  • Reconciliation should be carried out for each terminal after the last transaction of the day and only only once within the agreed time
  • Reconciliation is the process by which the terminal and the acquirer's computer check the numbers and the value of the transactions carried out by the terminal for which you will be reimbursed
  • In case of "Totals not agreed", please do the same reconciliation transaction the next day and the day after
How to do Reconciliation?
Be sure you have enough paper roll.
press "Totals" key
ENTER PASSWORD Key in the supervisor password then press ENTER.
Totals Menu Highlight "Reconciliation" then press "Enter"
Please Wait
Receipt printed
Ready Reconciliation Completed
DO NOT carry reconciliation if you are nearing the end of the till roll If the paper runs out during this function you will not be able to duplicate it